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Should I "Write an Article" on LinkedIn?

Formerly called: Share a Status Update

Yesterday, while facilitating a LinkedIn webinar, we touched on the subject of using the SHARE AN UPDATE feature (found on your Homepage). Participants had many questions, the answers to which I’m sharing here.

There are some statistics floating out there that LinkedIn says sharing a status update once a week means you’re 7 times more likely to receive opportunities.

What that says is that while sharing is helpful, quality trumps quantity.

WHAT should you share? Your commentary on an article, white paper, or blog post that you found worth your time to read.

HOW do you share? Although you can copy and paste the link into the SHARE A STATUS UPDATE feature on your homepage, the easiest way is within the online article itself. Look for the LinkedIn Logo which features the LinkedIn plug-in. That allows you to share with your audience (connections / public / public + Twitter), share with Groups, and / or send to individuals, all in one simple step.

WHEN do you share? When you have something valuable to share: again, an article, white paper, or blog post that you found worth your time to read. This isn’t about sharing for the sake of sharing.

FREQUENCY? Do so at a pace that will be sustainable. If you’re between projects for example, you might have more time, but that doesn’t mean you should share for the sake of posting.

Want to know more? Here’s what LinkedIn’s own HELP CENTER has this to say about the feature.

Are there sharing tips you have to offer?

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