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To-Blog or Not-to-Blog? 

Is it a good use of your time? What's the benefit?

If you’re wondering if blogging should be an undertaking for you, there are many things to consider.

It’s an opportunity to share a bit of who you are, so commit to being genuine. In other words, let it offer a glimpse into your communication style -- your professional best-side.

    Here are factors to help you decide if blogging is for you:

    • Content: 
      About what would you write?  It is important to keep your writing focused around your personal brand. Do you have enough fodder?  What’s your “wheel house” and how can demonstrate expertise in it?
    • Frequency: 
      Post at a pace that's sustainable long term. If you have great ideas, start drafts so you can finish (and post) at a pace that’s manageable. That could be once a month. 
    • Audience: 
      To make your writing more clear, pick a person you know who represents your audience and ‘speak’ to him/her.
    • Avoid landmines: 
      It’s great to express your opinion if you remember to stay away from politically charged topics or anything unprofessional, for that matter.
    • Length: 
      When posting, it’s important to find balance. Convey your point, but more isn’t always better. One expert says the best-received posts are longer than 3-paragraphs. My golden rule to keep paragraphs short and easy-to-read.
    • Consumability: 
      Take full advantage of the option to upload photos and videos, and or link to other web-based content. Visuals convey ideas (according to one report) 60K faster than text. And PROOF READ! 
    • Partner Up:
      Share authorship with a colleague so you can each post and you have built in editing and you demonstrate your ability to collaborate.

    "Blogs can become yet another way you demonstrate your brand's authenticity. Is it for you?"

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