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Question 2: How will my Personal Priorities impact my next step? 

of the Career Management Diagnostic 

This is Part 3 of a 4 Part Post.

As a follow on to my post (A Career Management Diagnostic - a framework to help make the career management process more approachable, manageable, and less nebulous), here is the deeper dive into Question #2: How will my personal priorities impact my next step? 

Based on where we are in our lives at any given time, generally, we each have personal priorities that influence our choices and our needs. Those could be related to geography, income / financial requirements, values, organizational culture, organizational mission, or leadership attitude.

Drawing from the “real-life” of recent clients:

  • Being geographically land-locked (i.e. not able to relocate) because of kids in high school and aging parents
  • Wanting to relocate to any international gateway city as the kids are now out of college and standing on their own two feet
  • Needing to maximize income because of life style preferences
  • Not being bound to income requirements because of changes in personal circumstances
  • Wanting to find an organizational mission that reflects personal desire to make a difference in the world rather than simply maximize profits
  • Wanting an organization that practices its espoused values, like being ethical in their business practices
  • Wanting to find a role that plays to interests, strengths, and personal passions

I could go on, but hopefully this helps you identify the clarity you have around your own situation and what’s important to you.

"The clearer your focus around your preferences, the less time you’ll waste as you explore potential options."

Here’s a cautionary tale: A few years ago I worked with a marketing executive who lived in a rural Pennsylvania town. He would have preferred to stay there but senior leadership roles in marketing were now limited as company headquarters relocated and he was left to find new a new job.

He was excited when he became a leading candidate with a major international spirits company. He placed all other opportunities on hold as he spent 8 weeks driving several hours each way to interviews and mock marketing presentations -- only to turn down their generous offer when it was extended.

Why? Because, at the 11th hour he said he realized he couldn’t in good conscience market liquor to the world. That should have been something he determined before derailing his transition efforts for a role that was so misaligned to his personal values.

It’s the point of question #2; figure those personal priorities out on the front end. This gentleman had other opportunities that were aligned with his values, but they evaporated with his lack of attention to them.

The exercises in our book "FOCUS: Creating Career + Brand Clarity"(please check it out on our website or can you help you answer these questions.

Stay tuned for Part 4 of this 4 part post. 

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