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Question #1: What do I WANT to do?

of the Career Management Diagnostic

This is Part 2 of a 4 Part Post.

As a follow on to my post (A Career Management Diagnostic - a framework to help make the career management process more approachable, manageable, and less nebulous), here is the deeper dive into 

Question #1: What do I want to do?

Please note: the question is: What do I want to do? Not, what can I do? As that’s not the same question.

Speaking for myself, there are many things I can do, but just because I can do something doesn't mean I want to do it. Or, that it's something at which I excel.

There are many things I did earlier in my career that I "can do" but no longer want to do. It might because I've grown and evolved past it. Or, that I've paid my dues and no longer have to do it.

Although there are many ways to help you separate "what you can do" from "what you really want to do," a simple way to start is with a skills assessment.

Begin by highlighting all the skills in your toolbox.

Next, narrow that list by noting which of the things you can do, are things you that you like to do.

Then, narrow the list one more time. Look only at the list of things you can do that you like to do, filter out and identify the things at which you excel.If you can say, "I'm really good at that" then it's likely it's speaking to your strengths or core competencies. That's a great place to start to explore your "want to do" list.

Before closing, I wanted to create some context for Question 1: What do I want to do?

It can't be answered it a vacuum. It has to be answered in conjunction with the next two questions. That is:

Question 2: How will my personal priorities impact my next step?
Question 3: Who needs what I have?

For example, you can't say I want to be a fuzzy pink unicorn that sprouts wings if no one wants to hire said "fuzzy pink unicorn that sprouts wings."

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this 4 part post. This is a sneak peek at the framework for the 2nd edition of "FOCUS: Creating Career + Brand Clarity" - check it out on our website or 

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