• Because Life's Too Short for Work to Stink

    Work Better, Live Better

    Because Life's Too Short for Work to Stink

  • What's the next step in your career?

    Any next step should be your "best next step" because life's too short for work to stink.

    "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."

    George Harrison said it, but we'll echo it. You need focus: What do you want to do? Who needs what you have? That's what we do. Help you figure out where you're going and get you there fast.

    You've got to be proactively managing your career; no one's doing it for you.

    If you’re not proactively managing your career, no one else is doing it for you. According to recent research, by 2020, approximately 50% of the US workforce will have flexible or temporary / contracted work arrangements. That means, it’s up to each one of us to manage our sustainable employ-ability. That is, keeping an eye on the ‘bigger picture’ to ensure your skills and expertise are marketable, relevant, and in demand.

    How do you prepare yourself for marketplace needs that are constantly shifting?

    ‘Most in demand’ opportunities 5-years from now, are likely roles that haven’t even been thought of today.

  • Our Services

    A sampling of the services our team offers

    Individual Coaching

    $225 per 60-minute session

    Package Rates Available

    Personal Branding

    Hook your audience into a wanting a conversation with you - the conversation is where the decision happens

    Marketing Collateral

    LinkedIn, Resumes/CVs, Personal Websites, Plans -

    built on a strong message making it easier to create compelling tools

    Packages typically range from $775 to $3500

    Career Mobility

    Talent retention through career development + redeployment - retaining top talent is better than trying to replace top talent

  • Meet Our Team

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    Principal + Practice Leader | Executive Coach

    "Your personal brand is who you are in terms of where you add value. Not your pedigree."

    Principal + Practice Leader | Executive Coach

    "The Flourish Factor means: Why just survive when you can thrive?"

    Brand Strategist | LinkedIn Profile Writer

    "In today's digital world, you have to carefully control your  online professional visibility ."

    Entrepreneur Coach | Brand Strategist

    "In today's world you have to think like a brand whether for your self or your business."

  • The "Flourish Factor"

    People often ask us where the idea for the Flourish Factor originated. It all started when Debra and her husband purchased a previously owned home in Northern California.


    On the back patio, the previous owners had left behind a pine tree in a planter box. It was a perfectly fine little pine tree. It was green; it was growing; it was healthy.


    After moving the pine tree around on the patio for a few years, Debra decided she wanted to plant it in the backyard.


    Over the course of the next year, the pine tree grew at twice its normal rate -- flourishing in its new environment.


    It was then that Debra realized that people are just like that pine tree. There are environments in which we can exist and survive, but in the right environment we can actually thrive and flourish.


    When she shared the story with Danielle, they realized what a fitting metaphor it was for the research they were completing for the book. Thus was born the idea of the Flourish Factor profile.


    Check out the Flourish Factor Profile for yourself in our book: FOCUS: Creating Career + Brand Clarity (http://amzn.to/1PuhYHE)


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  • 12-Month Career Checklist

    We advise our clients to put 30-minutes on their calendars each month to proactively manage their career.


    Often, our clients intellectually understood the idea, but struggled with execution.


    This checklist is a tool to guide the possible activities you ideally should be completing.


    If you find it helpful, please give us feedback on our CONTACT US page!

  • FOCUS: Creating Career + Brand Clarity

    In their book, FOCUS: Creating Career & Brand Clarity, the authors have outlined a very simple, easy to follow process that helps professionals gain clarity to be able to develop an entrepreneurial approach to determining their next-best-step.


    Click here to buy now it now on Amazon.com (http://amzn.to/pjilen)

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  • Contact Us

    Because career management is a unique and individual process for each client, we limit the number of clients with whom we work at any point in time.


    Our coaches personally guide clients to determine the right “next best step” and help them get there fast -- even in the "confidential search" process.


    As such, we are not always able to accept new clients. Please contact us about availability.

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